Things to do with Dialog

It’s been 5 months since the last update. Dialog has learned a few more tricks in that time.

As workflows are capable of getting a bit more complex now, I’ve started a new repository which is going to contain a collection of scripts and is called, unimaginatively enough, Dialog-scripts. The purpose is to provide a collection of workflows that can be freely copied, modified and used as a basis for other workflows, and hopefully serve as a jumping off point for some of the more adventurous things Dialog can do.

One of the more recent ones lets you send scripted updates to modify content without re-launching. Combined with a list view, this lets you show a list of steps and update with ongoing progress. I’ve used this as a basis for the first entry to the Dialog-scripts repo that acts as a user-friendly visualisation of Scripting OS X’s awesome Installomator that takes a list of app labels, then steps through them one by one providing feedback as it goes.

Token Screenshot of Dialog doing things

Feel free to copy, modify, update, provide feedback or suggestions. There will be more to come 🙂.

Dialog is a feature rich open source utility app written in SwiftUI that is intended as a way to provide user notifications and interaction from shell scripts, similar to cocoadialog or jamfHelper. The latest release can be found on the Dialog GitHub page and also in the Jamf Marketplace 


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